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* Stuart Townsend – Jack McAllister
* Hannah Ware – Sara Hanley
* Chris Johnson – Drew Stafford
* James Cromwell – Thacher Karsten
* Wendy Moniz – Elaine McAllister

– First word –
Finally one TV SHOW that’s not supertnatural and it doesn’t look like spanish soap. We didn’t have that good serie for a long time. Which it’s a coincidence – with excellent cast and one of the most underestimated actor, I’ll talk later about that.

“Betrayal”, got my attention because it wasn’t regular tv drama. It wasn’t about some major tragedy, as usual what we get from directors – single guy/girl who fall in love with other guy/girl who is in a relationship, divorced, widow/er, single parent blah blah…and usualy ends up with some kind of supernatural powers or secret talent.

Jack McAllister actually had some tragedy, his parents died whe he was young but he is living one really happy life with family of his own – his wife and two kids. He couldn’t ask for more no? Ah, and his accident with TJ Karsten…

Sara Hanley also has perfect life and family. Husband and one child. Works as photographer. Drew (her husband) is lawyer, but she is not happy with Drew. He loves her, but on his own way and she doesn’t like that strange way of loving her.

She meets Jack and then… well she and Jack cheated on their opposites but they were “completed”. Fell in love immediately. Looks like Jack also wasn’t really happy with his wife. He loves her, but, obviously that’s not enough. He was really attracted by Sara and Sara by Jack. The ended up together, but it didn’t pass very much until they got discovered. That’s a bummer. Now comes the real fight. Hope they’ll make it through it all.


All in all this tv show could be excellent (already is), but only if there is no 100 seasons. By my opinion 2-3 seasons are fine. Of course I would love to have 5-6 seasons at least, but don’t know how the storyline would go, in which direction. It could be a major risk to ruin whole show with more and more seasons. 2-3 seasons are fine, but maybe second could have, hmm well, twenty episodes.

While watching first episode I was already drawn by sinopsis, but I noticed something. I didn’t know actors, except James Cromwell from “Babe” and “Deep Impact”. Chris Johnson also is brilliant in his role of Drew. Don’t know the actor though. :\ 🙂
One of the most underestimated actor there for sure is Stuart Townsend. God how that man can act! Screw George Clooney, Brad Pitt and other “la la la” actors. Since I saw him in first episode of “Betrayal” I downloaded some of his movies (About Adam, Queen of the Damned, Trapped, Head in the Clouds, The best man and got a small reminder of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and series XIII). In all movies he played totally different characters and I was feeling like I was there in the scene. He really listens to other character and can transfer the exact emotion from the scene. He is all in character. Don’t like SCI-FI but Stu is the best vampire ever! He made it so real, I really belived! Nothing in comparation of “The Vampire Diaries”, although I’m watching tvd, don’t know why actually anymore. Too many seasons haha and bad acting. In all his movies he is very “professionally spontaneous”. He gives his 110% in role. I will repeat myself only because I’m admiring him so much! He is that person whole time, while playing it. Doesn’t “walk away” in the middle of the scene, like “You had enough of me acting”.

Stuart Townsend – born in Doublin, Ireland 15 Dec. 1972. I’ve read some of the interviews and watched on youtube few. One was so great, but then the sh*t happened. Reporter (or whatever he is) asked Stu about his very personal life. That sucks dude. You don’t do that, like, when he asked Stu what he liked the most about his mom, or something like that. Stu answered – her smile. If I was Stu I would tell the reporter – I don’t want to go there. I mean come on, it’s too personal!!! That just proves how amazing person he is. Supporting younger brother and sister…I mean -Hat off! ❤
Also saw one interview with his brother Dylan. Now I can understand why Stuart is so lucky guy. Having someone who loves you that much should be enough to give and do the best you can in every step of the way whatever you’re doing. Stu is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever (well) “met”.  As I would say – wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! 🙂

Now, Stuart Townsend is my favorite actor. Could call him a *miracle actor*. He could teach other “actors” what acting it’s all about, no offense to others but… Maybe to do some masterclass as well. I would be the first to come!

Jelena Kukic 21-y.o. – not a journalist, just a fan 🙂
Belgrade, Serbia

I made this video. Don’t own music and video clips. Made this video because I ship Jack&Sara a lot 🙂 And really fell in love with this pair. Hope you’ll like it 🙂

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